Yuuzhan Vong Equipment List

Melee Weapons

A snakelike creature used as the main weapon of most Yuuzhan Vong warriors, the Amphistaff can be reconfigured in a number of different ways on the fly. It’s “default” configuration is to stiffen it’s body into something resembling a spear with razor sharp edges. It can also relax and be used as a flexible whip, or held near the head and used to fire projectile venom at targets to blind and injure. Reconfiguring an Amphistaff costs a maneuver. Amphistaffs are highly resistant to the energy used in lightsabers and can be effectively used to parry and stop lightsaber attacks.

Weapon Range Skill Damage Crit Special
Spear Form Engaged Living Weapons(Melee) +2 Defensive 1, Cortosis, Pierce 2, Vicious 1
Weapon Range Arc Damage Crit Special
Whip Form Engaged Living Weapons(Melee) 2 - Ensnare, Knockdown
Weapon Range Arc Damage Crit Special
Venom Spitter Short Living Weapons(Ranged) 3

A smaller version of the amphistaff, usually meant more as a baton of rank among Yuuzhan Vong and also given to Chazrach to use as weapons as a concession to their inability to master the full-sized amphistaff, the Tsaisi cannot be reconfigured in the same way as the full amphistaff but are much easier to use and carry.

Weapon Range Skill Damage Crit Special
Tsaisi Engaged Living Weapons(Melee) +1 Cortosis, Pierce 2, Vicious 1

A coufee is a slightly curved double-edged dagger used by the Yuuzhan Vong in close-quarters combat. The weaponized form of the coufee eel, the daggers are approximately 20 centimeters long, and like all Yuuzhan Vong technology, fully organic and alive. The coufee is also used by Chazrach slave soldiers as their main weapon due to their short, stocky stature. Coufees were often used as a last resort, and a first choice of suicide for honor-driven warriors.

Weapon Range Skill Damage Crit Special
Coufee Engaged Living Weapons(Melee) +1 Vicious 1

Ranged Weapons

Thud Bug
The thud bug is a beetle with sharp, jagged legs and wings. They are among the most common “bug” weapons used the Yuuzhan Vong. Its wings are very powerful, emitting a loud buzzing sound when active, and causing a distinctive “thud” when striking an object. A thud bug’s maximum velocity can exceed 150 kilometers per hour, knocking an opponent to the ground or breaking limbs. Thud bugs can also be used in such a way so as to stun or disorient targets, making them easy prey for capture. Thud bugs have the ability to home in on their target, even turning corners. Masters of these weapons can cause the thud bug to return to their hand if they missed their target

Weapon Range Arc Damage Crit Special
Thud Bug Medium Living Weapons(Ranged) 4
Guided 1, Knockdown

Razor Bug
Razor bugs are projectile biots used by the Yuuzhan Vong. Shaped from the sparkbee, the razor bug is a relative of the thud bug, but serves a different purpose. Essentially living knives, razor bugs have carapaces that are capable of shredding flesh and piercing certain types of armor. When thrown, the razor bug deploys its wings which help guide it towards the target, giving it the homing capabilities similar to the thud bug.

Weapon Range Arc Damage Crit Special
Razor Bug Medium Living Weapons(Ranged) 4 Guided 1, Pierce 1, Vicious 1

Blast Bug
Unlike the thud and razor bugs, the blast bug is the Yuuzhan Vong analog of a guided missile. Upon reaching contact with the target, the blast bug will explode, sending the victim hurling through the air, causing severe burns, and even breaching armor. A Human caught in the explosion without armor has very little chance of survival.

Weapon Range Arc Damage Crit Special
Blast Bug Medium Living Weapons(Ranged) 8 Guided 1, Blast 6

Blorash Jelly
Blorash jelly is a living creature, bioengineered by the Yuuzhan Vong to serve as a weapon which warriors can control in battle. The amorphous jelly is carried by a Yuuzhan Vong warrior in a specially-designed pouch, in which it took a compact form. In battle, blorash jelly is hurled at an enemy—usually in the direction of a foe’s feet—at which point, the blob expanded. Though it appears malleable, the jelly is surprisingly strong, and can bind almost any object in a near-unbreakable grip.

Weapon Range Arc Damage Crit Special
Blorash Jelly Short Living Weapons(Ranged) 1 - Ensnare


Vonduun Crab Armor
Vonduun Skerr Kyrric, more commonly known as Vonduun crab armor (also called Vonduun crabshell armor), is bioengineered crab-shell-plated armor used by the Warrior caste of the Yuuzhan Vong. The armor is made from the living shell of the Vonduun crab

Armor Defense Soak Encumbrance Special
Yuuzhan Vong 1 2 6 Cortosis

Ooglith Cloaker
An organism that binds to the skin of the wearer and serves as biological adverse environment gear. Uses the same rules as regular adverse environment gear.

Ooglith Masquer
A variant of the Ooglith Cloaker, the Masquer functions as a disguise, losing its advantages in adverse environments but gaining the ability to mimic whatever species it is bred to resemble. Detecting that an individual is wearing a Masquer requires a Daunting perception check due to how flawlessly a Masquer imitates the species in question.



A living communications device, should someone activate a villip, signal instantly reached all the sister villips, or villips grown on the same plant and which developed a telepathic link (though typically only two bud berries ) and suddenly vibrations channeled down the others. The quaking would alert the holder of the other villip. Both villips, when inverted, would become flawless three-dimensional representations of the other holder’s head and speak in their master’s voice. In this manner, two Yuuzhan Vong could communicate face-to-face (figuratively) from opposite ends of the galaxy without fear of interception, for technology could not deduce telepathy. When the conversation was finished, a second touch to the eversion stoma returned the villip to its original fleshy state.

Due to their natures and unlike commlinks a villip can only be used to contact one of its sister villips. Also unlike comlinks, the range of a villip communicating with a sister villip is practically unlimited.

The gnullith is a form of biological breathing mask used by the Yuuzhan Vong that allows the wearer to breathe in any non-corrosive or fluidic environment containing oxygen. Resembling fleshy, starfish-like creatures, the gnullith seals itself over the mouth of the wearer and inserts a long proboscis down the throat in order to provide the host with a supply of breathable air. While uncomfortable to use, unlike most Yuuzhan Vong biots, gnulliths do not inflict pain on the wearer. Unlike breath masks, gnulliths can be used indefinitely as they do not use air canisters or require replacement filters.

The Yuuzhan Vong created a hybrid gnullith-villip hybrid combining the function of both a communication device and breathing apparatus. In conjunction with lungworms and vacuum cloakers, the gnullith-villip hybrid allow a Yuuzhan Vong to breathe and communicate in vacuum environments.

Yuuzhan Vong Equipment List

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