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“I had fought the worst of all wars, and witnessed the redemption of evil. I’ve seen balance restored to the Force. But order can turn to chaos…as it did when I was born. Now, with my loved ones and my loyal allies, I face a new challenge unlike any before. And I’m not sure if this time we can win.”
-Luke Skywalker

“It is not your galaxy. You have merely infested it for a time. We have come to end the infection, in the name of glorious Yun-Yuuzhan!”
-Unnamed Yuuzhan Vong Warrior

War is coming…

A new threat lurks on the far reaches of known space. Palpatine knew about it years before he was known as The Emperor. He made plans. None of them survived his death.

Now the New Republic is about to discover just how unprepared they are for what is coming. The Nebulon-B Frigate Rampart and its crew have been dispatched by Admiral Traest Kre’fey to investigate reports that a scientific research station on the planet Belkadan, near the rim of the galaxy, has gone dark. What they find will reveal a truth more horrible than anyone in the New Republic is prepared for.

Will it survive the storm to come?

Home Page

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