Around 30,000 BBY during the Pre-Republic era, Belkadan was ruled by the Rakata which dominated much of the galaxy through their interstellar Infinite Empire. With the collapse of the Empire five thousand years later, the Rakatans retreated to their homeworld, leaving little trace as to how and why they left.

Millennia later, the government on Belkadan was overthrown and replaced with a puppet government that was loyal to the Sith Empire.

In 25 ABY, Belkadan was the location of the outpost of ExGal-4, established by ExGal President Tobbert Dalonbian.

Climate: Primary Terrain: Surface Water: Points of Interest:
Tropical Swamps and Rainforests Multiple Small Areas ExGal-4 Station
Native Species: Immigrated Species: Primary Languages: Affiliation:
Redcrested Cougars Rakata (Formerly), Humans Galactic Basic New Republic


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