Joshua Strongbear Sweet

Brawny Ship's Doctor

Species Human
Career Soldier
Specialization Medic
Brawn Agility Intellect Cunning Willpower Presence
3 2 4 2 2 3
Soak Defense Wounds Strain Encumb
5 Ranged 0 Melee 0 13 13 2/13
General Skills: Combat Skills:
Astrogation (INT): Ability Die Ability Die Ability Die Ability Die Brawl (BR): Ability DieAbility Die
Athletics (BR): Ability DieAbility DieAbility Die Gunnery (AG): Proficiency DieAbility Die
Charm (PR): Ability DieAbility Die Lightsaber (BR):
Coercion (WILL): Ability DieAbility Die Melee (BR): Proficiency DieProficiency DieAbility Die
Computers (INT): Ability DieAbility DieAbility Die Ability Die Ranged-Light (AG): Ability DieAbility Die
Cool (PR): Ability DieAbility Die Ranged-Heavy (AG): Ability DieAbility Die
Coordination (AG): Proficiency DieAbility Die Knowledge Skills:
Deception (CUN): Ability DieAbility Die Core Worlds (INT): Proficiency DieAbility Die Ability Die
Ability Die
Discipline (WILL): Ability Die
Ability Die
Education (INT): Proficiency DieAbility DieAbility Die
Leadership (PR): Proficiency DieAbility Die Lore (INT): Ability DieAbility DieAbility DieAbility Die
Mechanics (INT): Ability DieAbility DieAbility DieAbility Die Outer Rim (INT): Ability DieAbility DieAbility DieAbility Die
Medicine (INT): Proficiency DieProficiency DieAbility DieAbility Die Underworld(INT): Ability DieAbility DieAbility DieAbility Die
Negotiation (PR): Ability DieAbility Die Xenology (INT): Proficiency DieAbility DieAbility DieAbility Die
Perception (CUN): Proficiency DieAbility Die Warfare(INT): Proficiency DieAbility DieAbility Die
Piloting-Planetary (AG): Ability DieAbility Die Custom Skills:
Piloting-Space (AG): Ability DieAbility Die
Resilience (BR): Ability DieAbility DieAbility Die
Skulduggery (CUN): Ability DieAbility Die
Stealth (AG): Ability DieAbility Die
Streetwise (CUN): Ability DieAbility Die
Survival (CUN): Proficiency DieAbility Die
Vigilance (WILL): Ability DieAbility Die
Stimpack Comlink(Handheld) Physicians Kit Heavy Clothing
Total Exp: Available Exp: Credits: -———- Armor:
140 0 25 -———- Heavy Clothing (uniform)
Weapon Range Skill Damage Crit Special

Talents and Special Abilities:
Stimpack Specials (2) Stimpacks heal 1 additional wound per rank
Surgeon (2) When making a medical check to help heal wounds, target gains 1 per rank of surgeon.
Bacta Specialist Patients heal 1 additional wound when healing long term wounds via bacta tanks or long term care per rank
Stim Application As an action, may make an Average Medicine check if successful, 1 engaged ally increases a characteristic by 1 until end of encounter and takes 4 strain
Grit – Increase Strain Threshold by 1

Equipment Notes:



Joshua Strongbear Sweet

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