Imposing Bartender


“Ah cworchowo oaraww rawhwa anahrqhuoorc. ah waoowh’ao waoo wwrawhoaro warcahwhorc, ah waoowh’ao waoo anoooh wwraao, rawhwa ahww rooohurc oorcwaworc ahc anahwhrrworc aoacrawh aowowh croananrarhanwoc, ah aoworarc rooohurc rarcscc oowwww.” (I serve caf and liquor. I don’t do fancy drinks, I don’t do low fat, and if your order is longer than ten syllables, I tear your arms off.")
-Shalla’s standard speech to new customers


Everyone who visits DownTime knows that nobody makes trouble for Shallatobuck. Part cook, part bartender, DownTime is Shalla’s domain and aside from FL0-55Y she brooks no disturbances. Loud drunken parties? Not a problem, she is a Wookiee after all, but order some fancy caf drink? Just don’t try it.

Beloved by most of the Rampart’s crew and feared by the unhappy few to cross her path, Shalla is a fixture of life aboard the ship and with the long lifespan of Wookiees is likely to remain so for years to come.


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