Prankster Pilot


“We’re talking about a guy that once hollowed out a broken R5 unit and hid inside the shell with a vacuum suit and one of those kid’s mechanical grabby toys for like four hours in the back of my X-Wing, making all the beeps and boops no less, just so that when I took off on patrol he could rewire my comm to blare Gammorean opera. That’s the kind of crazy dedication that Rukbi has to messing with people.”
-Rukbi’s former wingman to Col. Mayj Tevv


Rukbi the Chadra Fan has a mischievous streak an entire parsec wide. He’s gotten at least three different rules written into the New Republic pilot’s handbook with his antics and keeps clippings of them posted in his bunk. He’d probably have a squadron of his own by now if he could just resist the urge to prank his squadmates but those closest to Rukbi suspect he doesn’t want the responsibility of command. He’s happy with his station in life. His infectious cheer is an asset to any squadron’s morale and if there’s a party in DownTime you will most likely find Rukbi near the center.

Behind the controls of his X-Wing, Rukbi sticks by his wingmates but has a bit of a problem with the command to “cut the chatter.” It seems that his mind and mouth have an unbreakable connection and he usually speaks his mind whether or not he’s trying to.


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