Ro'hath Semir

Duros Gunner

Species Duros
Career Ace
Specialization Gunner
Brawn Agility Intellect Cunning Willpower Presence
2 4 3 2 2 2
Soak Defense Wounds Strain Encumb
1 Ranged 0 Melee 0 13 13 0/11
General Skills: Combat Skills:
Astrogation (INT): Ability DieAbility Die Brawl (BR): Ability DieAbility Die
Athletics (BR): Ability DieAbility Die Gunnery (AG): Proficiency DieProficiency DieAbility DieAbility Die
Charm (PR): Ability DieAbility Die Lightsaber (AG): Proficiency DieAbility DieAbility DieAbility Die
Coercion (WILL): Ability DieAbility Die Melee (BR): Ability DieAbility Die
Computers (INT): Ability DieAbility DieAbility Die Ranged-Light (AG): Ability DieAbility DieAbility DieAbility Die
Cool (PR): Proficiency DieProficiency Die Ranged-Heavy (AG): Ability DieAbility DieAbility DieAbility Die
Coordination (AG): Proficiency DieAbility DieAbility DieAbility Die Knowledge Skills:
Deception (CUN): Ability Die Ability Die Core Worlds (INT): Ability DieAbility DieAbility Die
Discipline (WILL): Ability DieAbility Die Education (INT): Ability DieAbility DieAbility Die
Leadership (PR): Ability DieAbility Die Lore (INT): Ability DieAbility DieAbility Die
Mechanics (INT): Proficiency DieAbility DieAbility Die Outer Rim (INT): Ability DieAbility DieAbility Die
Medicine (INT): Ability DieAbility DieAbility Die Underworld(CU): Ability DieAbility DieAbility Die
Negotiation (PR): Ability DieAbility Die Xenology (INT): Proficiency DieAbility DieAbility Die
Perception (CUN): Proficiency DieAbility Die Other(INT):
Piloting-Planetary (AG): Ability DieAbility DieAbility DieAbility Die Custom Skills:
Piloting-Space (AG): Proficiency DieAbility DieAbility DieAbility Die
Resilience (BR): Ability DieAbility Die
Skulduggery (CUN): Ability DieAbility Die
Stealth (AG): Ability DieAbility DieAbility DieAbility Die
Streetwise (CUN): Ability DieAbility Die
Survival (CUN): Ability DieProficiency Die
Vigilance (WILL): Ability DieAbility Die
Talents and Special Abilities:
Talent/Ability Name Page Talent/Ability Name Page
Intuitive Navigation 55 Overwhelm Defenses 2 68
Debilitating Shot 68 True Aim 1 68
Spare Clip 68 Grit 68
Macrobinoculars Tool Kit
Total Exp: Available Exp: Credits: -———- Armor:
150 0 75 -———-
Weapon Range Skill Damage Crit Special

Talents and Special Abilities:
Intuitive Navigation Free Advantage on all Astrogation checks
Overwhelm Defenses II Upon a successful attack with a starship or vehicle weapon, may spend two advantage per rank of overwhelm defenses to reduce the defense in the targeted zone by one for every two advantage spent.
Debilitating Shot Upon A successful attack with a starship or vehicle weapon, may spend two advantage to reduce the maximum speed of the target by 1 until the end of the next round
True Aim Once per round, may perform a True Aim maneuver to gain the benefits of aiming and upgrade the combat check once per rank of True Aim
Spare Clip Cannot run out of ammo due to a despair. Items with Limited Ammo quality run out of ammo as normal
Grit +1 Strain Threshold

Equipment Notes:

Duty Space Superiority 10


Ro’hath is a Duros Ace Gunner 28 years of age. Ro’hath was raised with a fierce hatred of the Empire overlords cultivated by his parents. Ro’hath joined the rebellion in his mid-10s wanting to use his skills gained by testing gunnery to vaporize anyone from the Empire. He serves as Chief Gunnery Officer. He will not rest until either the Empire is destroyed, or he has died trying in the process. When he finishes his struggle with the Empire it is his desire to go back to his home-world and settle down.

Ro'hath Semir

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