Pyxim Ura

Senator's Wife, Unrepentant Slicer


“You’re gonna win this election, baby, I guarantee it.”
“Wait, you didn’t-”
“No, I absolutely didn’t slice the results. Even a little. I swear. Cross my heart. Why are you looking at me like that?”

- Pyxim and Nawar Ura


Back when she was forging data credentials in the back of a combination pawn shop and seafood restaurant, Pyxim Ura would probably have filed you under “crazy, possibly dangerous” if you told her that one day she’d be one of the most beloved senator’s wives in the New Republic.

After a whirlwind romance with Nawar Ura during the uprising of the planet Tasban against the Empire, Pyxim became very active within the Tasban system’s rebels until the founding of the New Republic, at which time she and her then fiance Nawar threw themselves into local politics with a passion. Fighting for the rights of those most hurt by the Empire’s rule, the two became known for compassion and tenacity. Their wedding was a planetwide event and Pyx found herself somewhat surprisingly as a media darling.

During an ill-timed visit to Coruscant to lobby for relief aid for Tasban on Nawar’s behalf, Pyxim found herself trapped when Grand Admiral Thrawn released a swarm of cloaked asteroids into orbit around the planet, effectively placing the planet under siege as no ship leaving or entering the atmosphere could be guaranteed safety. She proved instrumental to New Republic Intelligence’s efforts to locate and neutralize the asteroids by leveraging her computer talents. This accomplishment combined with Nawar’s very public defense of Admiral Ackbar in the face of treaon charges levelled by Borsk Fey’lya propelled the couple into the galactic eye and after Thrawn’s death at Bilbringi, resulted in Nawar’s election as Senator for Tasban.

Lauded by the New Republic’s citizenry as one half of the most visible interspecies marriages around and begrudgingly accepting of her celebrity status, Pyxim remains a skilled slicer, as many tabloids have discovered when unflattering articles about herself or her husband suddenly scramble themselves irreparably.

Currently Pyxim is touring with her husband to promote her new holobook My Husband Has Head-Tails: An Honest Guide to Interspecies Relationships."

Pyxim Ura

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