The Imperial Remnant


“We still hold eight sectors—over a thousand inhabited systems. We have the Fleet, nearly two hundred Star Destroyers strong. We’re still very much a force to be reckoned with.”
―Captain Ardiff, in 19 ABY

The Imperial Remnant was an Empire formed from the unified holdings of various Imperial Warlords who had ruled their own territories following the final collapse of the Galactic Empire in 11 ABY. As the galaxy’s largest Imperial power, the Remnant adhered to the tenets of the former Galactic Emperor Palpatine’s New Order; although slavery and anti-alien sentiment were abolished, the Remnant maintained a strong military and limited public expression.

The Imperial Remnant emerged in 12 ABY when Admiral Gilad Pellaeon led his United Warlord Fleets out of the Deep Core and pledged them to the protection of Imperial factions in the Mid Rim and Outer Rim Territories, provided that said factions joined him. The Galactic Empire had ceased to exist one year previously, its remnants reduced to squabbling Warlord fleets and Moffs answerable to no one. The unified Remnant was the new locus of Imperial power, and it continued to prosecute the Empire’s Galactic Civil War against the New Republic until the two sides signed the Bastion Accords in 19 ABY and brought the war to a peaceful end.

The Imperial Remnant

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