Sernpidal, the third planet in the Julevian system, is the adopted home planet of the Sernpidalian species. Orbiting only 115,000 kilometers from its sun, it is the most populous world of its sector.

Sernpidal essentially belongs to the Outer Rim, but it is considered more akin to Wild Space. The surface of the planet is dusty, and subterranean agri-farms are watered by aquifers. Damp ravines are occupied by slow, tough, tentacular creatures which comprise the planet’s flora and fauna both.

During the Jedi Civil War, the planet was under the control of the Sith Empire, and served as a major Sith naval base in possession of sensitive military codes and equipment. Later on at the beginning of the Great Galactic War the Sernpidal government was replaced by a puppet government that sided with the Sith in the war.

In 365 BBY, it was settled by the Sernpidalians fleeing the supernova of the planet Hettitite, who reached an 8 million-strong population, the greatest in the sector.

Climate: Primary Terrain: Surface Water: Points of Interest:
Temperate Deserts, Ravines, and Seas Seas Sernpidal City
Native Species: Immigrated Species: Primary Languages: Affiliation:
None Sernpidalians, Humans Galactic Basic New Republic


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