Hawkbat Squadron


“You’re among the best pilots in the galaxy. You’ll have to be if you want to control this starship.”
―Admiral Ackbar briefing B-wing pilots prior to the Battle of Endor

In the years following the peace with the Empire, New Republic Fleet leadership largely phased out the obsolete Y-Wing fighter/bomber used during the Galactic Civil War in favor of the newer B-Wing heavy assault starfighter. Aboard the Rampart, the B-Wing pilots of Hawkbat Squadron are fond of bragging that they fly the absolute pinnacle of military starfighter design. In truth the B-Wing is meant for killing large, slow-moving capital ships, and their maneuvering capabilities reflect this. Loaded down with weaponry, the B-Wing is deadly if it can maneuver behind its target. This makes a pairing with the more nimble X-Wings a natural fit. While Hawkbat pilots frequently tease their nimbler brethren, they appreciate the teamwork the two squadrons utilize to neutralize targets.

Founded four years after the Battle of Endor, Hawkbat squadron has a distinguished service history, having seen action against the Empire, the rogue Yevethan fleet, Admiral Thrawn’s forces, and various pirate organization. It’s current commander is a staid Duros Colonel named Mar Tharen. Tharen has commanded the Hawkbats for the past 3 years and under he leadership the squadron has gained a reputation for precise and professional flying.

Silhouette: Speed: Handling: Front Defense:
3 4 -1 2
Armor Hull Trauma Threshold: System Strain Threshold: Rear Defense:
3 15 6 1
Hull Type/Model: Manufacturer: Hyperdrive: Navicomputer:
Starfighter/B-Wing Slayn & Korpil Class 2 Yes
Sensor Range: Ships Complement: Encumbrance Capacityt: Passengers:
Close 1 Pilots 0 0
Consumables: Price/Rarity: Hard Points: Weapons:
1 Week 150,000/6 1 See “Weapons”
Weapon Range Arc Damage Crit Special
Hardpoint Mounted Light Ion Cannons Close Forward 5
Ion, Linked 2
Weapon Range Arc Damage Crit Special
Hardpoint Mounted Heavy Laser Cannon Short Forward 6
Weapon Range Arc Damage Crit Special
Forward Mounted Proton Torpedo Launchers Short Forward 8 Blast 6, Breach 6, Guided 2, Limited Ammo 8, Linked 1, Slow Firing 1
Weapon Range Arc Damage Crit Special
Cockpit Hardpoint Mounted Autoblasters Close Forward 3 Auto-Fire

Hawkbat Squadron

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