Less-than-diplomatic Comms Officer


“Holding pattern? Do you realize what you’re telling me, ENSIGN? You want a frigate, a whole kriffing frigate, to just sit here and wait to get into the refueling station so some admiral’s kid can fill the tanks on his cute little Corvette? Not happening. Tell your buddy in the ‘vette that he better stay clear if he doesn’t want us scratching the paint.”
- Lieutenant Yoru’afa to Deneba Refueling Station Control Tower


Yoru’afa probably could have had a fantastic naval career. She graduated from Carida Naval Academy in good standing, she’s smart as a whip, and she’s got connections in the brass since her father is a Rear Admiral. The one thing she doesn’t have is a brain-mouth filter. If she thinks it, out it comes and this reputation for firing off at the mouth hasn’t done her any favors. Somehow, despite all logic, she was assigned as Comms and Sensors Operator for the Rampart and has since given those encountering the vessel a taste of her signature wit and verve whenever they are unfortunate enough to need to hail the frigate.

When not on duty Yoru is a regular fixture at DownTime, her acerbic disposition blending well with Shallatobuck’s surly attitude.


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