Dr. Marv Riggs

Overly Blunt Doctor in Residence


“Well, the good news is that only half of your leg was removed during the initial bite from the gundark. The rest we removed in surgery but you got another 3 hours with the left half before it went in the reconstitutor. Got most of the blood out of it though, so that’s what i’m putting back into you now. Like a memento, you know?”
Dr. Riggs shortly before his first official reprimand from the Medical Corps.


Marvin Riggs was an extremely literal person even before he spent seven years studying at a medical academy on Coruscant and developing even fewer social skills. Bedside manner was not overly emphasized by medical staff used to training Imperial physicians and Riggs has since developed a reputation for brutal bluntness in the medbay.

This lack of tact has doubtless been the main cause for his slow progress through the ranks of the Medical Corps of the New Republic Fleet. Though he is very nearly experienced enough to rank a medbay of his own, no in the fleet would dream of assigning him one for fear of crew riots.

Despite his attitude, Riggs is an excellent healthcare professional and when push comes to shove on the operating table it’s Marv Riggs who will fight the hardest to keep his patient alive. Just don’t expect him to spare any gory details explaining it to the patient afterward.

Dr. Marv Riggs

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