Enigmatic Astromech


“The Force only knows what that little can does but whatever it is, let him keep doing it! He fixes problems I don’t even understand.”
Chief Engineer Lupita to Captain Synth’erin Cel


No one knows much about this strange little droid. No record of his assignment to the Rampart exists, and nobody on the construction crew at Kuat remembers him. But there he was on the very first shakedown run of the ship, flitting here and there and tinkering with things whether or not he had any business doing so. Strangely, whatever he chose to tinker began to work better, or faster, or simply more quietly.

Among the crew R7-D8 is regarded as an almost mythical figure. Superstitious pilots claim that he’s actually possessed by the Force ghost of a mechanic who died during the ship’s construction. Whatever his true origins or agenda, everyone on Rampart agrees the ship would be worse off without him, and they work together to keep his existence a secret from New Republic brass during ship inspections.


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