Senator for the Tasban System


“You ask if I support Gial Ackbar? Better to ask if I support continuing to breathe because my answer to that question will change before my answer on the former. Admiral Ackbar, whatever indignities and charges Senator Fey’lya has leveled against him will always have my support because this body and this Republic have always and will always have his. This man is a hero and I will not stand for his defamation!"
-Nawar’Ura addressing the Senate Military Oversight Committee during the trial of Admiral Gial Ackbar during the Thrawn Crisis.


A Twi’lek politician advocating for the poor, the enslaved, and the disadvantaged might be predicted to have a short career under the auspices of the Galactic Empire and such it was with Nawar’Ura. Not long after his career began a rare cooperation between the Empire and the Hutts on the planet Tasban saw him framed for corruption and scrounging for scraps in the canals of Relay Peak, that planet’s capital city. While there he spent his time becoming better acquainted firsthand with the people who he’d been fighting for in the political arena. Soon, after watching street gangs and crime lords oppress them for too long, he became embroiled in a short-lived vigilante effort that ended up putting him in contact with the Rebellion on Tasban as well as the woman who he would go on to marry: Rodain slicer Pyxim Ura.

Among Nawar’s companions at the time was former Imperial Garth Kaize, going by the name Djinn and posing as a mercenary to run from his past. Unbeknownst to any of them, one of the feared Emperor’s Hands had ferreted out his identity and now was blackmailing the down on his luck merc. By carrying out the Hand’s instructions (unwittingly), the group accidentally triggered a chain of events leading to massive earthquakes on Tasban, the shifting of the planet’s moon toward the planet, and a hasty and whirlwind uprising of the Rebellion on the planet. Nawar, ever the idealist, and Pyx, already smitten, threw themselves wholeheartedly into the Rebel effort and helped free the planet from Imperial rule.Tangling with then Commander Thrawn and helping to kill both the Hand of the Emperor and an unknown organism responsible for the shifting moon, Nawar quickly found himself with a reputation.

As the Rebellion became the New Republic, Nawar would leverage this reputation into a relaunched political career. When Thrawn returned to known space and threatened the New Republic Nawar’s very public defense of Gial Ackbar against treason charges placed him once again squarely in the public eye and carried him all the way into the New Republic Senate as representative from Tasban, where he has served since. Popular with the nonhuman members of the Senate and held up as a media favorite due to his interspecies marriage to Pyxim, Nawar found that while Leia Organa Solo was Chief of State his star continued to rise. However, once Borsk Fey’lya succeeded Organa Solo in the top job Nawar’s public and very heated clashes with the Bothan over his prosecution of Ackbar came back to bite him and Nawar has found himself somewhat out of favor and frequently classified as one of “Organa Solo’s Cronies.”

Despite his frustration on Coruscant, Nawar finds solace in the opportunity to take a more active role in the Outer Rim, where he is now travelling with Pyx both to promote her recent holobook and to get some face-to-face time with people on the Rim so as to better represent their needs to the Committee for Trade Relations, which he serves on.


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