Kyp Durron

Proactive Jedi Knight


“Do you think it beneath us? When innocent people are robbed of all their wealth, or taken captive, perhaps, and tortured, is it not the province of the Jedi to come to their aid?”
―Kyp Durron, to Jacen Solo


Kyp Durron is perhaps one of the most polarizing figures in the whole of the Jedi order. After being rescued from the spice mines of Kessel by Han Solo and brought to the Jedi Praxeum, Kyp Durron’s hatred of the Empire combined with the influence of the spirit of long-dead Sith Lord Exar Kun led him to the dark side and to the destruction of the planet Carida.

Only through Luke Skywalker’s intervention and proof that Kyp’s actions were not wholly his doing saved him being executed for his crime. Now, years later, Kyp has grown up into a man convinced that the Jedi are needed to intervene and protect the innocent and the hurting in a more proactive fashion than they have in the past. His past deeds drive him to atone and he currently leads a squadron of independent fighter pilots hunting smugglers and pirates on the Rim called the Dozen and Two Avengers (named for the dozen non Jedi pilots and Kyp and his fellow Jedi Miko Reglia).

Kyp Durron

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