Chief Petty Officer Kusophal

Aging Bridge Security Chief


“You don’t have to worry about me, son. I’ve been guarding bridges since before you were born. Started with bridges over water when I was a marine, and now I guard this bridge. Haven’t failed yet.”
CPO Kusophal to Captain Synth’erin Cel


Chief Petty Officer Kusophal has spent his career vigilantly watching for the enemy. Enlisting early in the Rebellion, Kusophal participated in the uprising of Mon Calamari and found himself serving on other worlds as a member of an aquatic special forces team. As the Rebellion transitioned into the New Republic, so Kusophal decided it was time for a change. A vibroknife injury to his left leg left him with a limp and made him unfit for further service with his unit. He was honorably discharged from the military and spent several years as a shopkeeper on Mon Calamari before Imperial Admiral Daala’s assault on his home planet propelled him back to war.

Serving as a volunteer evacuating cities aboard a civilian space vessel, he found he quite enjoyed putting his military training to use keeping the corridors and bulkheads of a starship secure. Soon after that, he reenlisted, this time with the New Republic Fleet and rose through the ranks through steady service and consistent effort. Now beginning to get slightly too old for his job, CPO Kusophal continues to apply his “slow and steady” approach to life aboard Rampart, whether that means sitting at his guard station on the bridge or cornering an unfortunate Ensign with stories of the Rebellion, he’s all over it.

Chief Petty Officer Kusophal

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