Traest Kre'fey

Fiery Bothan Admiral


“The enemy shall become dust or we shall.”
―Traest Kre’fey


Traest Kre’fey is a grandson of career military Bothan Laryn Kre’fey, and as the Kre’fey’s lost much of their power due to his grandfather’s failure at Borleias, Traest was sent to a small satellite training moon of the Bothan Martial Academy. There, he was instructed under a rather unorthodox Bothan teacher and developed unusual views of Bothan society. In particular, he held the view that Bothan society at its current form was less than perfect, and that they needed to change to better exist within the galaxy. Because of the string of resignations in the Bothan military over the Caamas Document Crisis six years ago, Kre’fey was quickly advanced to the rank of admiral and now serves as head of a fleet stationed in the Outer Rim.

Traest Kre'fey

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