Much Feared Nurse


“This won’t hurt a bit. No really, it won’t. Come back!”
-Frequent lament of Kevrask


Finding a Trandoshan with the coordination to succeed in the medical profession is rare. Rarer is finding one who has any interest in stitching people together instead of tearing them in half. Kevrask spent his early years patching his father and older brothers up after long hunts in the wilds of known space. Despite his best efforts, however, their dangerous lifestyle was eventually the end of them, with both his brothers and father succumbing to wounds inflicted by wild animals on the Rim.

Finding hunting distasteful after their deaths, Kevrask turned to his other talents to help him make his way in the galaxy and eventually found himself with a registered nursing certificate and an enlistment in the Fleet. Unfortunately for him, most crewmen are terrified, despite his kind demeanor and frequent smiles. He does not yet understand that Trandoshan smiling is one of the more terrifying expressions his species is capable of to the majority of humanoids.

Suffering through constantly trying to calm his patients down before he can administer routine tests and even basic procedures (especially anything involving needles) Kevrask somehow maintains a positive attitude. He’s helping people, whether they want it or not.


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