Warrant Officer Chag Healey

Burly Turbolaser Gunner


“Ahh Jenny, that was beautiful. I think you holed the fuel tank! Look at her burn! Let’s get you cooled down and try it again, eh gorgeous?”
WO Healey to Port Side Turbolaser #2


It’s not often you’ll find someone as dedicated to his job as Chag Healey. Chag spends most of his time, even when not on duty, working on his precious turbolasers. He’s got names for all of them and will frequently talk (loudly) to them as he works on them. Tattooed and crude, Chag doesn’t care about decorum, being promoted, or even having much of a life outside of his service.

Though his attitude, demeanor, and poor hearing have caused many a clash with the uptight Gunnery Assistant Vim Deero, Chag would still dive in front of a blaster bolt for his crewmates. Without a family of his own, he’s become sort of a constant figure of the gun deck crew and is the first to try to make new arrivals or replacements feel at home. When something goes wrong and somebody doesn’t make it back from an engagement, Chag can usually be found alone in a corner booth at DownTime.

Warrant Officer Chag Healey

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