Han Solo

"Respectable" Ex-Smuggler


“Commodore, eh? Does that come with a hat?”
―Han Solo, after his appointment to commanding officer of the New Republic Fifth Battle Group in 16 ABY


Born and raised deep in the criminal elements of Hutt Space, Han Solo made a grasp at climbing the social ladder when as a young man he sliced his way into an Imperial Military Academy. Graduating and making his way into the Imperial Navy as a Lieutenant, Solo looked to have a bright career ahead until he was tasked to help transfer some Wookiee slaves. Unable to sanction the treatment of the slaves, he saved the life of one who had crossed his superior and made a break for it. Han and Chewbacca have been inseparable ever since.

Although his experience as a smuggler and officer would serve him well in the Rebellion, after the founding of the New Republic Han found himself more than a little listless. Not until his relationship with Leia Organa was threatened by an attempted courtship by Prince Isolder of Hapes did he find a new purpose in pursing Leia’s affection. An ill-advised quasi-kidnapping combined with a life or death adventure on Dathomir somehow resulted in an engagement to the Alderaanian Princess.

Three kids and a wife whose job requires frequent diplomatic parties will turn even the hardest edge a little softer. Han Solo’s days of smuggling are long behind him, as are his days as a Rebel leader, a diplomat, and a New Republic Fleet commander. Now he lives in semi-retirement along with his wife Leia Organa Solo. Together, they leverage their pasts and reputations to help resolve disputes and advocate for needs across the galaxy.

Han Solo

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