Synth'erin Cel

Human Commodore

Species Human
Career Commander
Specialization Commodore
Brawn Agility Intellect Cunning Willpower Presence
2 2 3 2 2 3
Soak Defense Wounds Strain Encumb
3 Ranged 0 Melee 0 12 12 3/10
General Skills: Combat Skills:
Astrogation (INT): Ability Die Ability Die Ability Die Brawl (BR): Ability Die Ability Die
Athletics (BR): Ability Die Ability Die Gunnery (AG): Ability Die Ability Die
Charm (PR): Ability Die Ability Die Ability Die Lightsaber (BR): Ability Die Ability Die
Coercion (WILL): Ability Die Ability Die Melee (BR): Ability Die
Computers (INT): Proficiency DieAbility Die Ability Die Ranged-Light (AG): Proficiency DieAbility Die
Cool (PR): Ability Die Ability Die Ability Die Ranged-Heavy (AG): Ability Die Ability Die
Coordination (AG): Ability Die Ability Die Knowledge Skills:
Deception (CUN): Ability Die Ability Die Core Worlds (INT): Proficiency DieAbility Die
Ability Die
Discipline (WILL): Ability Die
Ability Die
Education (INT): Proficiency DieAbility Die Ability Die
Leadership (PR): Proficiency DieAbility Die Ability Die Lore (INT): Ability Die Ability Die Ability Die
Mechanics (INT): Proficiency DieAbility Die Ability Die Outer Rim (INT): Proficiency DieAbility Die Ability Die
Medicine (INT): Ability Die Ability Die Ability Die Underworld(BR): Ability Die Ability Die Ability Die
Negotiation (PR): Ability Die Ability Die Ability Die Xenology (INT): Ability Die Ability Die Ability Die
Perception (CUN): Proficiency DieAbility Die Warfare(INT): Proficiency DieAbility DieAbility Die
Piloting-Planetary (AG): Ability DieAbility Die Custom Skills:
Piloting-Space (AG): Ability DieAbility Die
Resilience (BR): Ability DieAbility Die
Skulduggery (CUN): Ability DieAbility Die
Stealth (AG): Ability DieAbility Die
Streetwise (CUN): Ability DieAbility Die
Survival (CUN): Ability DieAbility Die
Vigilance (WILL): Ability DieAbility Die
Blaster Pistol Comlink(Handheld)
Total Exp: Available Exp: Credits: -———- Armor:
140 0 25 -———- Heavy Clothing (uniform)
Weapon Range Skill Damage Crit Special
Blaster Pistol Medium Ranged (Light) 6 Stun setting

Talents and Special Abilities:
Command (2) Adds a Boost per rank to Leadership checks and affected targets add a Boost to Discipline checks for 24 hours.
Commanding Presence (2) Remove a Setback per rank from Leadership and Cool checks.
Rapid Reaction Suffer a number of strain to add an equal number of Successes to an initiative check. Strain suffered cannot exceed ranks of Rapid Reaction.

Equipment Notes:

Duty: Space Superiority


Promotion of Captain Synth’erin Cel
19ABY //

Captain Synth’erin Cel was born and raised in the Core Worlds and after the liberation of the Core, he enrolled in the Kuati Naval Accademy where he graduated at the top of his class. He is possessed of a keen mind that was sharpened from an early age toward military matters. He is a sharp faced man. His hair is dark and his eyes an intense shade of green. His height is slightly above average and his build is slight but not skinny. What follows is the audio transcript of his promotion. All the words that follow are captain Cel’s. All questions have been redacted.

The war will not be won on the ground. The outcome of this conflict will not be decided on some distant planet, or by a small group of half crazed mystics. The real war will be decided in space. The war for the stars will be fought among the stars. Now, I am aware that many do not share this belief but allow me to phrase it this way. The rebellion should have ended on Hoth. The Empire had the firepower to turn the entire continent to glass and smoke. One of the most powerful naval forces in recorded history failed to eliminate an otherwise helpless rebellion. Why? Misdirection.
The misdirection of a paranoid sect of mystics obsessed with the total destruction of a nothing group of mystics. Less obsessed mystics, less paranoid mystics true, but still mystics and still misdirected. Yes, we owe Master Skywalker a debt of gratitude for destroying the death star but we owe him no more than we would owe any other pilot that would have taken that shot or the tacticians who planned it. I apologies gentlemen, I am straying from the point. There is no tactical position that offers advantage against an orbital superiority. That is the only fact that I have need of in the defense of my argument. If one group can gain superiority in space, that group will determine galactic policy for a thousand years. The purpose of this interview is to see if I am a worthy successor to the last captain of the Rampart. I am aware that I have not as of yet set myself apart on the battle field. However, I was not in command. I was not capable of the self determination that leads to such distinction. If you place me in command of the Rampart I will be. And I promise you that I will outperform any Imperial ship of equal or reasonably superior class. (redacted question)
Yes, I am aware that other questions have been raised on the subject of my capabilities to fulfill my duties as captain of the ship in question. The concern you raise is completely irrelevant, I have already proved that given the opportunity that you suggest that I will keep my oath to the republic. If there is further doubt due to my heritage then by all means refrain from promoting me and watch my brothers roam the stars unopposed, and bleed for your idiocy. You think that I am arrogant. I am the finest military mind of my rank in the entirety of the Republic fleet. Is there another first officer that you believe is equal to me? The simulations say otherwise. If there is still question, then I, Synth’erin Cel, pledge that if I have not erased these doubts in the span of two standard cycles I will resign my commission. (Redacted question)
Yes, I am aware that one of Skywalker’s mystics will be attached to the crew. My distaste for the group of individuals in question can be fully grasped in one sentence. The greatest tragedy of our age is not the destruction of Alderaan, it is the fact that Kyp Durron was not publicly executed for his crimes. However, though I find their hypocrisy distasteful, I assure you the individual in question will receive all the respect he deserves. His presence will in no way effect my ship and its crew or the operation of our missions. Though, I would like the record to show that I object to the interference of individuals with alternative or subdivided loyalties.


Synth'erin Cel

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